Hello! I'm Edwin 👋

Hi everyone! :wave:

I became a member yesterday after attending the open evening - really looking forward to kicking off some projects!

I’m an aerospace/mechanical engineer by background, so if anyone happens to be building a jet engine or rocket then I’m your man. Otherwise, I’m pretty much a novice at most things so am keen to learn more. I’ve done small bits of woodwork, metalwork, CNC machining, electronics and crafts over the years and recently bought a flat in Peckham so would like to have a go at making some furniture. I’d also love to be an apprentice to anyone who needs help with their own projects in the evenings or weekends? And if anyone needs help with CAD modelling, engineering design or calculations, then I’m happy to help!



Hi Edwin,

Welcome to the space. I hope you have lots of fun learning!


I’ll arrange a welding/grinding/bit of general metalwork induction soon, sign up when it’s posted and after that you can use most of the metalwork area.
CAD means cardboard aided design for me so I’ll might have a couple questions in that area:smile: