Hello, I'm Ed, I like robots, fixing things and bikes

Hello everyone,

Second month of membership fees reminded me that I hadn’t done one of these yet so here goes nothing!

My name’s Ed and I recently moved to the Brixton area from Bristol.

I’ve been involved in combat robotics for a few years now, making a few different designs in the antweight (150g) and beetleweight (1.5kg) categories, and an hoping to use the spaces printers, CNC machines and soldering area to make my next design.

I’m also an all round diy-er and fixer, making stuff for around the house or fixing broken devices is really rewarding for me, so I’m looking forward to having access to a greater range of tools to help me.

A dream future project of mine would be making a bike frame, so I’m really keen to get inducted on the welders at some point so I can start practicing.

Anyway, that’s a bit about me, I look forward to meeting people around the space :slight_smile:

Cheers, ed

Ps. I was in last night and chatted to someone called John(?) who was doing the electrics for ceramics, if anyone knows who that is on here I’d be keen to chat about how I can get involved helping with the building+wiring work in the space.