Hello, I'm Andy

Hi team!

My name is Andy, I have some experience doing woodworking and would love to make use of the space to meet other creatively minded makers!

With regards to the best practises for getting involved, what are the inductions/first steps to getting onboarded into the space?




Hi Andy,

Welcome to our community. If you have filled out our survey, you will shortly receive (usually within 24h) an invitation to join the Makerspace via e-mail (make sure to check the spam folder!). This invite has no expiry date, so no rush. If you haven’t seen the Makerspace, I would recommend coming to an Open Evening. The next one will be Wednesday, 20 March from 7pm - 9pm, no RSVP needed, just swing by and say hi.

But if you are sure you want to join, it’s not obligatory to wait until the next Open Evening, you can join any time you like.

Once you have become a member, your will be granted member status to discourse and you will receive all the info you’ll need to get you going from the welcome team.

Happy to help, if you have any other questions,