Hello! I'm Alistair, a complete beginner

Hi I’m Alistair. Recently found out about the space and keen to get involved. In the long run I’ve got my eyes on building a cold smoker but in the short-term I want to start building some small bits of furniture, tables etc.

However, unlike some of the other introductions I am not skilled in using my hands! My day job is working as a consultant and researcher with community groups and charities, and my background is as a journalist. This will all be very new for me, so I just wanted to check the space would be suitable for an almost complete beginner?


Hi Alistair,

Welcome to our community! It’s great to hear that you’re interested in getting involved in the world of making and crafting. Rest assured, our space is absolutely suitable for individuals of all skill levels. Our makerspace is about sharing knowledge and experiences, so don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek advice. We have an Open Evening on the 4th where we give a tour of the space and tools.

Hope to see you soon at the space!

Hi Alistair - everyone at the space was a beginner once! The general spirit is to improve your skills once you’ve been inducted on tools to be able to use them safely, and there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that people are generally very happy to share.

Hi Karin, Mike, thank you for your replies - that’s good to hear! I’m hoping to get down on the 4th but if not I’ll be at the next open evening. Looking forward to seeing the space

short answer yes no problem all welcome