Hello! I am Jonathan!


My name is Jonathan - I am new to the makerspace!

In my regular life, I am a community organisor and creative practitioner. That means that, for some of the year, I get to run workshops with my lantern parade company La Septima. We have recently started doing lantern installation work and this got me into working with wood and doing some basic electrics!

I have a long list of carpentry projects in mind that I can’t wait to get started on. Equally, if anyone is keen to work with willow - do get in touch! Happy to share what I know.

See you soon,
J x


Those lanterns are fantastic
What do your use for the lights?
They’d also look amazing with digital LEDs in them…

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For outdoor installations, they usually have to be ip67 rated which limits what we can use. We usually go for basic 10w LED floodlights but they are not ideal. Would be keen to find a different solution!

I do lots of digital led stuff.

The easiest would be digital RGB or RGBW floodlights.
For the best lighting effects, a string of digital RGB or RGBW pixels inside the lantern.

Centralised control, like DMX, if you’re familiar with that, for installations with multiple lanterns, would look amazing (at least in my opinion). Wired or wireless is available, if there’s going to be large crowds then wired is much more reliable.

IP67 lights are easy, the controls could just go in an IP67 box at the bottom of the lantern or next to the lantern with appropriate IP67 connectors. For extra safety, an IP67 AC to DC power supply can go in the IP67 box.

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