Hello I am Asif

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Hi All,

I am Asif. I work as a product manager in advertising tech. Last year I started attending an amateur woodworking group called Woodwork for wellbeing.

It was enjoyable and great for my mental health to be using my hands alongside other people. I moved to South London, so the commute was too long. Hoping to pick back up and learn some new skills via the Makers workshop.

Have got a bit of DIY to do at home at the moment so will pop down in a week or two to grab a fob and say hello to people. Am super excited to learn some stuff and do what I can to help out.


Hi Asif,
Welcome to the makerspace! Sounds like you fit right in. We have this week Wednesday an Open Evening if you have not visited the space yet and want a tour.


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This sounds like a brilliant group. What sort of things did you make?

Thanks for this. Nice meeting you and the others!