Hello hello my name is Charles

Hey all, as the topic suggests my name is Charles!

Im a accessory/luggage designer, and have always wanted to join a maker space and share my passion for designing and making cool stuff! Super excited to get involved.

My main skill is in sewing, and laser cutting/engraving textiles, and I’m really interested in learning more about metalworking and 3D printing/design, and just generally meeting and collaborating with other passionate creatives!

I live in Sunny Sydenham so only ten mins down the road, would it be possible to stop by at some point over the weekend to check out the space and say hello to you lovely people?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Charles,

Welcome to our community! Sounds like you found the right place.

I’m waiting for a reply from a new member to see the Makerspace either Saturday or Sunday, 4pm. I’ll let you know once he’s replied.

See you at the Makerspace,

Fantastic thanks Mark, either of those days works for me so yeah please let me know. See you then!

Hey Charles,

Not sure if you followed the other post in this category, but we’ll meet Sunday, September 3rd, 4pm at the Makerspace.

See you then,


Hey Mark,

Yeah I saw, sounds good :slight_smile: thanks for letting me know!

Looking forward to it

Welcome Charles! Would love to have a chat about laser cutting of textiles some time. I help out in the Textiles area and use the laser cutter - but have not put the two things together :):smiley:

Thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile: yes absolutely always happy to share my knowledge. Laser cutting is honestly the perfect way to cut fabrics, once you understand how to set up a CAD file the sky is the limit really! Perfect accurate cut panels, every time - dreamy :star_struck:

Feel free to message me any time you want to get goin!

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Hi. I am one of the laser techs. I’d be happy to learn about this so that I can share the skills with other members.

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That sounds great! We have a regular textile night on the first Tuesday of every month (although that day may change soon due to a change in work committments).

In fact we have one this coming Tuesday which I’m just about to put in the calendar if you can make it?. Perhaps I could book the laser at the same time for this or a future event and we can go through the process. I, for one, would love that!

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Hey Brendon, nice to meet you. Absolutely happy to show you the ways! Also more than happy to show other members in a group setting etc :slight_smile:

Sounds like a lot of fun. What time? I may be able to make that yes, my calendar is very booked up for the next month but after that I will have a lot of time free to get hands on!

I can come on Tuesday.

Oh and, yes, the learning curve is quite steep. I’d say to start off with we would have to focus on primarily cad design (in illustrator). I will bring my computer of course and teach the fundamentals, and from there you can start cutting very rapidly.

I’m going to meet Mark tomorrow to check out the space so I can find out more about the laser and the lasers cutting software then and get s plan together. So perhaps next Tuesday would be better to be honest!

This Tuesday is our regular night so I’ll be there anyway - but don’t worry if that’s a bit too soon! Happy to meet up whenever you are ready! Don’t want to be too much pressure - we are just very keen :rofl:

The laser cutter uses Ruby, which is very similar to Lightburn.
People tend to produce their cut files in Inkscape, Illustrator etc.

I teach Inkscape because it is free.
If you show me your steps in Illustrator, I can mirror the processes in Inkscape.

Not at all! love the energy and eagerness, I’m excited!! I’m just travelling at the moment with work so time in the evenings is very tight. But if we say next Tuesday I can make that work :slight_smile:

I’m available on either Tuesday.

Got it. Thanks for the info, I use illlustraor and lightburn but all laser clients are very similar as you say, and the beauty of cutting textiles is they require such low power it’s really hard to go wrong!!

Sounds like a plan. Let’s do next Tuesday!

FYI - Cutting area : 726 x 432 mm

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Hi @charlesmein - is Tuesday still good for a show-n-tell? What time would be good for you? I can then book then lasercutter. Actually will put a booking in anyway just to make sure. If Tuesday isn’t good - I will still use!