Hello from Gregor

Hi everyone!

I’m Greg and looking forward to joining the maker space in 2024. I work as an architect apprentice and I have a wide range of interests related to making and fixing things.

My first job was in my local bike shop where I became interested in fixing and maintaining my own bike. As part of my job now I sometimes make architectural models using the laser cutter, 3D printer and various woodworking tools.

I work in 3D with Rhino and have some experience with parametric modelling/design, so would be very happy to help with others’ projects or share my (limited) knowledge in this field!

In terms of projects - I’ve been designing a speaker stand and I’d love to be able to prototype and make it. I have a 3D model (screenshot below) and for those interested, it is entirely parametric - most of its key dimensions can be changed and the model will update automatically.

I also have an old steel bike which I would love to convert to a disc brake - slightly beyond standard bike maintenance, so would love to learn from the metalworkers in the community.

Looking forward to meeting many at the next open day!


Architect here as well, hello :wave:

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Hi Gregor :wave: Very nice parametric design (I had to look up what that meant…).

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