Hello from Ettel Furniture designer in the making :-)

I am Ettel, I’m a recent product design graduate. I just officially joined Maker Space and can’t wait to experiment, collaborate and have fun!! I will be making cool furniture with wood and metal. I also make jewellery pieces with a soldering iron. If you want to check all that out: https://ettel.squarespace.com/design


Sounds great, I’m keen to see what you come up with! :slight_smile:

May 11th, SLMS is hosting a Maker festival at Hern Hill station hall. Members that sell what they make can book a free selling table and we are also doing some photo shoots for those that book a table together with an A3 poster for each seller that attends a photo shoot. Would this be of interest to you?

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Hi Dorine! That sounds great, I would love to participate. Count me in!

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