Hello everyone!

My name is Julia Makivic and I am interested in joining this makerspace. I design alternative controller videogames and my practice incorporate hardware hacking, 3D printing, and lasercutting. I also sometimes work with silicone. You can check out some of my work here: https://juliamakivic.com/

I would love to join an awesome community of makers!


Hello and welcome! Is there any chance that CatSynth / Synthia could make an appearance?

Unfortunately no! She has been fully adopted by her forever family :slight_smile:

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Very cool and fun do you still have Void of Memory and what are you working on atm?

Hi Dorine,

Void of Memory unfortunately got destroyed during a move. I am currently working on designing some wearable, alternative controller games. Think of like a tamagotchi-sized, wearable, portable game.

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Hi Julia,

Blimey, your site left me with a big smile. Welcome!