Hello Everyone!

Hi All, my name is Will and I am introducing myself as instructed for new membership. I am slightly confused as I’ve read about a waiting list or that one that has been scrapped. Not in a huge rush but would love to join as I have a few projects I’d like to get started on.

I really got into building and making things over the pandemic with the help of my father in law. He has a workshop many would be envious of!

The first project I’d like to make, given access, would be a “trailer hitch” mount for my mini cooper s in order to attach a motorcycle carrier too. Since my mini has a center exhaust I have to get creative… I’ve seen some online for sale in oz and USA but the design looks pretty simple enough to weld up and bolt to the car. See link below of what I am talking about.


Is it ok for me to pop down on a Wednesday evening to check everything out and introduce myself in person?

Apologies if my method of introduction is off!

Thanks in advance

Hi Will,
Glad you found us! Sorry about the confusion around the waiting list we do not have one at the moment.
The Open evening on Wednesday is a great way to see the place and meet some fellow makers. Looking forward to meeting you.