Hello everybody, I'm Daryl

Hello there.

My name is Daryl and I’ve had my eye on joining SLMS for a while now.

I am predominantly going to use the space for wood working, as I have a few projects and even a couple of commissions lined up, so I would like to get onto the inductions promptly and get going!

I am also looking forward to learning. Not in just the finer aspects of woodworking, but I’m also interested in learning about 3D printing, because I have built Robot Wars-esque machines at antweight level (150 grams or under that can fit in a 4 inch cube), which have competed before and I would like to design and build better quality machines in the future through 3D printing.

On that subject, through combat robotics, I have a crude understanding of electronics, circuitry and radio control, as well as understanding design principles related to combat robots, such as weight distribution, optimising, and so forth.

I have held Robot Wars workshops in my previous job before, and would can offer said workshop in SLMS, as I have the parts to do so. This will give me a great opportunity to refine said workshop, as well as give the members at SLMS something new.

As of the time of this writing, I am not working, and my previous job had me working late afternoons into evenings, so the likelihood is I am going to use the space on weekday mornings or after 2pm. Otherwise, I’m free throughout the week.

Hope to see you around!


Hi Daryl,

It was nice to meet you at the open evening last week. Looking forward to seeing your robots.

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Hi Daryl :wave: We met at the open evening, I also wanted to learn fine carpentry skills as well as electronics repair - now I must add combat robotics to that list because it sounds very cool.