Hello, Anurag Here

(Verma) #1

Hello everybody,

I’ve just joined makerspace and look forward to using the amazing facilities once I have my fob. I’m interested in making a metal cabinet, some cabinets and LED light fittings.

In my day job I work in an architects practise and cant wait to get going.

When would be a good time to meet peole who can help with metalwork?


(Beth Slater) #2

Hi Anurag,

We met at open evening. @Calum_Nicoll is the guy I suggest you talk to about metal working, or any of the @metaltechs. Guys do you also know if we have facilities for cold bending?

(Valentino Sfamurri) #3

Hi Anurag,

I’ll be around Tomorrow evening after 5pm, happy to have a chat about your metal project!

@Beth what are you looking to bend?


(Beth Slater) #4

No it was for Anurag. He was asking at open day if we were able to do cold bending as well as welding.

(Verma) #5

Hi Val,

Thanks for offering. I’ll be there shortly after 5.


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