Hello and happy holidays!

Hello all,

I’m Aaron and I’m based in Hither Green / Catford.

My day job is in embedded electronics hardware and software although increasingly I end up doing more of the admin than the practical side. Which is the main reason I want to join…so I can get back to the fun stuff!

I’m a fairly accomplished hobbyist maker. Mainly doing DIY around the house and garden and making stuff for my new nieces.

Increasingly I’m dreaming up more ambitious projects which would benefit from laser cutter / CNC etc which I obviously don’t have the space or funds to acquire :-). Also I’m quite interested to have a play around with textiles and clothing patterns (again, to make stuff with/for my nieces as they get older). I also have a strong desire to do some wood lathe work, as it’s always been my favourite machine but I haven’t touched one since school!

Here’s my latest few projects:

Oak radiator shelf…

Some stools for my nieces (stencil painting and calligraphy done by my wife)…

Some new shelves and handrail…

I’m on the waiting list and looking forward to joining and to meeting all you makers.

All the best,


greetings :smiley:

lovely projects

happy holidays !

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