Hej allihopa: I'm michiexile, a new member

Hi everyone, I’m Mikael (michiexile everywhere online) and just joined. This is my 3rd major hackerspace - I’ve been active at Noisebridge in San Francisco and at NYC Resistor in New York before this.

Originally Swedish, I’m now a professor of data science in New York, and currently on sabbatical leave, spending the first half year in London. Since hackerspaces has long been my standard way to find a good crowd of people, joining one here was also high on my priority list.

Currently, my main making obsession is with silver: bending, soldering, making jewelry. I’m interested in several interesting directions from here: stone-setting, patina (most methods use sulfur compounds and can be quite stinky), keum-boo (korean gilding method producing MUCH thicker layers than electro-plating, pairs very well with patina methods), micro-welding (I wonder if our welding units could work for small scale silver welding?).

I would be more than happy to give small intro-courses to the techniques I know or am learning if there’s interest. Keum-boo in particular might work very well with the heating stations in the electronics area.


Hi @michiexile :blush:
Please can you show some photos of your keum-boo work? This is the first I’ve heard about that technique

Right now I’ve been devouring YouTube videos and reading up on the theory - I don’t have any work of my own yet. (I’m planning on changing that now that I have access to the SLMS)

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Great, looks like a tricky project- best of luck to you! :grin:

When you figure it out, I’d be interested in seeing how you do it!