Hand Held Routers - Elu

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Hand Held Routers


1/4" Elu MOF 96/02

1/4 Speeds
0. 1 = 8,000 min-1 2 = 9,500 min-1 3 = 11,500 min-1 4 = 16,000 min-1 5 = 19,500 min-1 6 = 22,500 min-1 7 = 24,000 min-1

1/2" Elu MOF 177E Type 4

Condition Notes

Second hand, good condition.

Induction and Training

Safety First - PPE

Eye protection

Ear protection

Dust mask

General Risks


Bits flying out

Broken bits

Hitting metal in your wood

Loose parts of the router kicked out

Watch the cable

Don’t route yourself, rundown risk (cuts)

Bottom cutting vs. side cutting

Anatomy of the routers

what all the levers do


On/Off Switch

Fence holders screws - keep tightened when no fence is on

Plunge Lock

Depth Stop and Depth Guage

3 way turret system for deep plunging

1, 2, 3 cuts to get to final depth

Spindle lock for changing bit

Top stop w/ top stop nut / micro adjuster to stop router coming up

Has a quick release

Variable speed knob

A lot of routers don’t have anti-kick on the speed control

Changing Bits

Isolate the tool power - Unplug it first

Lock the spindle

Use 22mm spanner to slacken collet

Remove the bit

Collet should only grab the ground steel bit

½ inch or ¼ inch

Do not oil the collet


On nice ones - where to put the bottom of the collet, don’t sink it all the way in, you want 1 inch in about

Tightening to the correct torque - finger tight plus ¼ turn

Tip velocity and speed

Max speed should be indicated on the shaft on a good quality bit, otherwise, find a similar size bit in the Trend catalogue and use that

Smaller is faster (4-5), large is slower (2-3)

Some cutters have bearings, can run against part of material or guide

Check bearing (if applicable) and clearance

Make sure it is running smoothly and not floating around



Risk Assessment

Hand Held Router Risk Assessment

Before Use

During Use

Cutting, starting kick, direction, depth, feed rate

Start away from the material - no contact until up to speed - some old skool ones don’t have soft start. Two hands on the router at all times when starting it and adjusting the speed.

In cut - clockwise

Out cut - anticlockwise

Climbing cut - cut the wrong way - it will wander off in the wrong direction, can be used at beginning or end of the cut to stop the wood breaking out - nothing wrong with it, use at your own peril

Depth and feed rate should depend on the cutter

Pin and single flutes, go gentle or they might break

Bigger ones you can go more at a time

The motor should not labour - don’t go too slow and burn / smoke the wood - check the cutter and put the fire out.

After Use



1/4 Elu MOF 96/02 Manual
Elu MOF96 Plunge Router.pdf (1.2 MB)