Greetings Makers and Shakers! I am Kester

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Hello there SLMS-ers,

Created a profile a while back and filled in the pre-membeship survey but missed the bit about “To introduce yourself please head over to the introductions category and create a ‘new topic’!”… So here it is!

I’ve been playing and making music and art since a young age, and involved in various performance and art projects over the years. A large chunk of my bread and butter comes from working in website design, development and delivery… But I have fingers in various pies!

I often hit hard limits in my spaces/projects (e.g. lack of a vice, missing a required tool, needing some expert guidance) so when my brother-in-law (he’s not a member btw) told me of this place I knew I had to get involved!

Looking forward to crossing the threshold, learning, and contributing.


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Sounds like you found the right sandbox to come play in :smiley: If you’ve not come for an open day do come down and have a look around. Also tonight we have a music Jam night from 4pm maybe see you there?

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Hi there thansk for the invite — I will keep and eye out for the next open day!

Our next Open Evening is on Wednesday the 29th.


Thanks for letting me know about the open evenings. I couldn’t make 29th November but notice that there is another on 13th December. How frequently are they held…?

Also do you need to be a member to attend jam nights?

We have them every two weeks on a Wednesday but will skip the 27th of December. If Wednesdays do not work we can arrange another day for you to view the space.