Greetings from Irene

Hi friends:

My name is Irene, my background is in design engineering, since finishing my Masters in June I’ve been mourning the lost of workshop access, can’t wait to join you guys.

I’m a skilled maker in woodworking, prototyping with electronics and other materials, sewing, moulding/casting, 3d printing, laser cutting. I have some experience with metal working but not a lot, would love to learn more skills from other members and I’m always happy to contribute my skills as well. I have posted some of my past project on my website if anyone would want to take a peek.

The immediate project I’m working on is my room design for my new flat, It’s a human+cat space. see file attached for the design.

I have a relatively tight move in window so would like to get started ASAP. I will be back in London from Sat 9th, if anyone’s around on Sunday 10th I would love to visit and get to know the space and say hello. Would love some information about how inductions work.

Thanks so much and looking forward to meet you all in person.


Hi Irene,
Welcome to our community! Sounds like you fit right in.
Have a look at the calendar to see when the place is open. Usually, Sunday is quite busy so there should be people around the place, who are happy to show you around.
Have a look at the induction waiting lists and add yourself to all the ones you need for your project. You will then get notified when a new induction is going to run (check if your notification is on so you don’t miss any!)
Please feel free to ask if anything is unclear.

Hope to see you soon at the makerspace!

Hi Karin, thanks so much for the info, the calendar link doesn’t seem to be working.

Was just wondering if it’s mandatory to be inducted on all the machines (I will need to use table saw+sander+router even if I have used them a lot in the past? I don’t currently see any induction happening for routers and wood working the last communication on that page was from quite a while back.

Sorry for all the pesky questions, and thank you so much!

Sorry, the calendar should now be accessible. Additionally, you can locate the calendar in the top right corner of the Discourse platform.
In the woodshop, you need to do the basic woodworking induction first. Then you can proceed with any other tools induction such as the table saw and router. If you wish to use the router, simply reach out to our woodtechs, and they will coordinate a meeting with you.

Please keep in mind that our fellow members generously volunteer their time to conduct these inductions, which may result in a slightly longer wait for induction.

Best wishes

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Depending how much you need to do on restricted machines, you could ask a friendly member to actually operate the machine for you.

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