Friendly neighbourhood punk (Zoe)

Hi there ! My name’s Zoe (She/they). I’ve just joined the wait list and am looking forward to meeting other makers -I’m hoping to pop along to the next open evening on the 29th :slight_smile: Feel free to drop me a message or reply to this if you share any of my interests or just wanna chat.

Things I like to make:
Music, patches (for clothes), analogue media (tape, disc, etc), zines (non fic usually, I wrote one about pizza), pizza, art
Things I like to fix:
Vintage music electronics (cassettes are my jam), instruments, clothes
Things I’d like to learn to make/fix:
All of the above bc I’m not very skilled yet - specifically electronics and using a sewing machine (also I’d like to learn to fix my sewing machine at home), motorcycles (and cycles), woodworking & luthiery, 3D printing (mostly because it’d be helpful with all sorts of these other things)

I’m a motorcyclist and apprentice trainer (meta I know). I play guitar, bass and sing as well as the mandolin (newbie) and the washboard - I generally make types of punk but I really love all music and love playing blues and folk as well as listening to dance music of all kinds. My favourite genre is ska (there’s more to it than you’d think) and my favourite band is Chumbawamba (there’s more to them than you’d think). I’m interested in fixing and maintaining things.

Anyway apologies for the lengthy intro - feel free to say hi ! ^-^


Hi Zoe, welcome! I’ve been making a couple of patches lately, it’d be cool to see what you’re making!

Awesome ! What kinda patches are you making? I’ve been doing more fixing (struggling with this old tape recorder) than I have making lately - athough I’ve got a surplus RAF mechanics jumpsuit I’m slowly adding patches to before sewing. Hoping to get back into the swing of making patches I’ve got plenty of ideas for stuff I wanna screen print c:

Hey Zoe,

Welcome to the SLMS!

Me and @Laura_Barlow run the electronics night, we help people with their project and I have some experiece with retro tech, tape players included, if you need help let me know or drop by thursdays!

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Thanks for the warm welcome - that’s awesome ! Does there happen to be one on this thursday? I’d love to come down to the space for the first time (paid member now - still planning on coming to next week’s open eve) and introduce myself : )

I was thinking that my cassette recorder’s problem was a mechanical one but I’ve now tried most things I can so perhaps it’s time to think electronically about it - takeup spindle doesn’t move on play but does when fast forwarding and literally everything else works

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Yes !

What’s the state of the belt?

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Awesome will be there this thursday then : ) I don’t have a fob yet though do I just knock to get in?

New but I can’t garuntee it’s the right size since it was my best fit from a bundle and it’s really hard to find manuals on the Hitachi TRQ-299 unfortunately (also forgot to mention the absolutely rancid sound it makes on the play mode if that’s any indication that it’s the tape)

yes :slight_smile:

That could be related t bad caps?

The heron on here is my first (just appliqué-ing on the pattern) but I want to try some lino/block print stuff since that’s actually easier than screen printing them for me!

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Lovely meeting you today, hope to see you around :slight_smile:

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You too ! Thanks for showing me aroud : )

Ooh that’s really cool ! I’ve not done applique before - I’ve got some experience with stencils, lino and screen though : ) screen is my fave for reproducing digital designs but there’s definitely something theraputic about carving a lino block

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