First project - kids learning tower

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Yeah, this was with an up/down cut bit. The feeds and speeds we used felt ok but someone with more experience might be able to get a better quality cut with more tuning.

I can be in the space again next Fri day if that works for you?

Looks good!
With an up/down cut bit how deep do you plunge on each pass?

It was a profiling toolpath with 3mm depth of cut

I managed to assemble to lower half today. There are a few changes I might make in terms of design and execution. For one some shallow pockets might help with alignment. As might some clamps with proper length (like we have in the space). Dowels of a contrasting colour would also look better than screws.

I’m finishing it with danish oil as it’s easy and food safe


Looks great! Rebates would add strength, but may be best to do with a router. A slight warp or uneveness in the sheet would throw it out on the CNC unless the ply is firmly screwed down to the bed.

Did you cut deeper than the up cutting portion of the bit on your first pass?

Top half is assembled. Turns out I missed on piece when laying it out for the CNC. Thank you so much @mbg helping me get it cut out on the table saw. There are a few more mistakes in the assembly of the top and it still needs latches to hold it closed.

I’m planning on making a second as a gift to a friend so I’ll have the chance to redeem myself there.