Festool Mobile dust extractor CTM 26 E AC 230V CLEANTEC


Mobile dust extractor CTM 26 E AC 230V CLEANTEC

Power consumption 350 – 1 200 W
Max. volume flow 3900.00 l/min
Max. vacuum 24000.00 Pa
Filter surface area 6318.00 cm²
Rubber-insulated mains cable 7.50 m
Container/filter bag capacity 26/24 l
Dimensions (L x W x H) 630 x 365 x 540 mm
Max. appliance socket connected load 1610.00 W
Dust class M
Cable length 7.50 m
Product weight 14.40 kg
Drive type Mains

Noise Rating

Dust extraction: A-weighted sound pressure level, LpA 71.00 dB(A)
Dust extraction: Standards series EN 60745 60335-2-69
Dust extraction: Uncertainty (noise) K 3.00 dB

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