Evening all, I'm Dan

(Dan Yilmaz) #1

Hello there, I’m Dan.

I popped along to the open evening yesterday, and I’m excited by the possibilities.

I’m a back end web dev by day and by night I… well, nothing right now. But in time I plan to work on…

Some kinda temperature & humidity controlled cooler to use as a cheese cave.
Some kinda light metal working to make a bottle opener
Some kinda lathe project, cos there’s just something snazzy about a lathe and wood turning
Some kinda servo/arduino project I can wire into a slack integration

I’m sure I could be tempted by the laser cutter too

The possibilities are endless! Or at least larger than those 4.

I’m looking forward to getting cracking!

(Ed Yeboah) #2

Hi Dan, nice to meet another backend web dev. What web platforms are you familiar with?

(Dan Yilmaz) #3

Hi Edd,

Mostly Django, some flask stuff. Almost always Python.
How about you?

(Andrew Wheatley) #4

Hi Dan,

When you get started on your temperature and humidity/servo projects if you need a hand feel free to give me a buzz, I (and a lot of others I daresay) have experience with arduino etc so can help you out!