End of Year Party! - Saturday!

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Hi @members

Following up on the discussions here: Party?

Let’s get together in the space before people disappear for the holidays!

Also if you hadn’t heard it is also the unfortunate last day for Canopy Beer Co. as they are closing down for various reasons :cry:

We will fire up the BBQ, so bring some food / drinks to share!

Saturday Dec. 17th 4pm - till!

See you then!


I will be there. I want to sign up for a membership.

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What time is the BBQ?

Getting started at 4, bbq like 5 most likely!

Hi! Is this open to visitors? Stopped by today to check out your space, because the hours on Google were listed as open until 6pm, but the guys working in the woodshop were busy and didn’t answer the door. Not a criticism as we have the same issue with our space when random people show up. If I’m working intently on something I probably won’t answer the door. We only put tour nights (Fridays) on the public calendar.

Heya @surferdudemi!

Yes - open to visitors, come by! Our regular open evenings are every other Weds… but come by Sat. and someone should be able to show you around.

I was not aware of Google’s opening hours, so will work on that!


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Nice. Looking forward to joining. I am mostly focused on finish carpentry.

I should be arriving just after 6pm, see you there :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am still not feeling well, recovering from covid. Sad I missed a BBQ. Hope it goes well.

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Good to see everyone yesterday!! Canopy was jamming, sad to see it go… sounds like they will stay open a bit until xmas tho for those that missed out!


Pleasure meeting several of you yesterday braving the cold, gathered around the bbq. Happy holidays and a happy new year to you all.


Sounds great sorry I missed it!

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