Electronics Night 03/05/2018

(Paul Court) #1

Num 1 - don’t forget to vote if you have council elections today !

Other than that, i’ll be at the space tonight for Electronics and will probably bring Evil Roary whos is working now but needs work on the voice box part of the project.

Who’s about ?


(electrotech) #2

I cant decide if i’m participating or being in the space and avoiding socializing. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Paul Court) #3

Both !

(Gilbert Townshend) #4

Sorry I couldn’t make it last week. I think I need advice more than being there this week but maybe you could advise? I want to make myself a UV lightbox to expose some alternative photographic process prints but I don’t think I know enough to specify parts for it.
Had been planning to do some laser cutting practice for the box too but apparently that’s not on the cards now…

(Andrea Campanella) #5

Are the prints alternative or the photographic process? :stuck_out_tongue:

See you there ! I will jump between the EMFCamp meeting and electronic nights!

(Paul Court) #6

we can do a plan and look at what you need ?

Yes, laser is our of action at the min. were looking at the causes and the quickest way to get it back in service.


(Gilbert Townshend) #7

Hopefully both! Currently it’s salt prints and/or cyanotypes.

(electrotech) #8

is there a specific wavelength to be used?
i did a quick look on aliexpress for uv leds and seems to be more than one option on the actual output wavelength.

(electrotech) #9

365 -370nm

(Gilbert Townshend) #10

According to Mike Ware, who’s pretty much the oracle on these things, a peak output of about 365nm seems to be ideal, though up to about 410nm will also work.

Sunlight is ideal but varies a lot on the time of year, clouds, lattitude etc.

If you’re interested and I realise this is going a bit off topic these are the notes I’ve been looking at: http://www.mikeware.co.uk/mikeware/preparations.html

(electrotech) #11


I have one of those you can have if you like, ill bring it tonight?
im not sure on wavelength etc, but its been collecting dust for a while ;p

(Gilbert Townshend) #12

I have a feeling that’s much too small, plus part of the fun of this idea is getting some practice making something myself. I’ve also just remembered I have a smallish uv (fluorescent tube) lamp that needs some repairs that might work in a pinch with the right sized jig that I’ll bring along too.

(Paul Court) #13

9w (if it really is 9w) is a fairly good UV source.

After that you’re into mercury vapor bulbs or floresents


(Chris Ratcliffe) #14

Hi, I’m going to come along to build my 3D scanner project.
Voted this morning :slight_smile:

(Paul Court) #15

I built a Ciclop 3D Scanner a while back, was good fun.
3D printed it myself and laser cut the deck etc


(Doug Hammond) #16

I’ll be coming. Perhaps I could get some advice on my project box building, though that’s probably more a woodwork topic than electronics :stuck_out_tongue: ? I’m close to having this thing finished other than the enclosure.

(Mark Johnson) #17

strange question, is there any loctite/thread sealant kicking about in the electronics area?

(Paul Court) #18

no but I have some at home - what type, you looking for permanent or semi lock ?


(Pete Hellyer) #19

There was some in the laser cutter box for ages

(Mark Johnson) #20

Semi if you have some, it’s to keep the Allen bolts from loosening on the band saw guides