Electronics Night 03/05/2018

(Paul Court) #21

Cool, i’ll bring mine and we can also look for the spare in the laser box too.


(Gilbert Townshend) #22

Equal semi-related question, I’ve snapped a plastic gear in the camera I’m trying to repair, do we have any plastic cement in the space?

(Paul Court) #23

Depends on the type of plastic but there was some acrylic cement/weld about at one point. Not see it lately though, if its anywhere, it should be in the chemical cab in the snug in a silver pot.


(Gilbert Townshend) #24

I’m not actually sure, it’s some kind of hard black plastic, probably ABS I’m thinking. Cheap nasty thing anyway, didn’t even stretch to nylon…

(Dermot Jones) #25

A collection of solvent weld seems to be forming on the 3d print station