Electronics jst & avr to code pcb

(Bushra Burge) #21

So we managed to install required lib & drivers but it’s still not recognising the avr programmer board.

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(Bushra Burge) #25

this is the AVR programmer board https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9825 found out board etc settings are :

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But same errors coming up.

(Bushra Burge) #28

Hi, still stuck but got a bit further with help from SLMS members tonight. If I don’t get it sorted tomorrow will give you a shout for help on thursday. Are you planning to be at SLMS in the evening ? thanks

(Paul Court) #29

Yes, i’ll be there from 7:30 ish.

BTW, the USB Tiny Programmers have quite small limits on what they can program and the size of the .hex files. Not recommended for anything other than bootloaders and basic sketches…
Also if its a new virgin chip, you need to bootstrap it and burn the fuses before you can even load a bootloader.


(Bushra Burge) #30

Hi it had code on it already but the avr programmer is virgin. Ok good to know about the usbtiny.

Though… This morning replugged everything & actually managed to flash code but now the pcb Bluetooth it’s not pairing (the previous code worked fine). I’ll pop in tomorrow night whether I get it to work or not anyway to have a chat so I understand it better.

Cheers Bushra

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(Bushra Burge) #32

This setup has got it to flash.

So I have verify/compile & then - upload using programmer

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And well the code isn’t working how I need it to work so any help on that would be appreciated tomorrow !