Electronics jst & avr to code pcb

(Bushra Burge) #1

Wondering if anyone knows if we have the following in the makerspace :

& The following


(electrotech) #2

i had donated an avr programmer, which would be in the component draws by the woodshop door. if it’s still there it would be in the draw marked programmer or microcontrollers. that said, you can use another arduino as a bare avr programmer.

as for the jst stuff, i dont think so… but there is a lot of junk about so there might be /something/ that you can salvage from.

(electrotech) #3

@howard probably has a programmer.

(Bushra Burge) #4

Ok thanks. It’s basically for the PCB attached to the pumps I showed you. At the moment it’s soldered to 2 pumps but the code starts 1 pump. I have the code. Ideally just want to switch on both pumps.

Option 1 change code upload to PCB (allow for future changes to have different things controlling the 2 pumps)

Option 2 solder pump to pads of pump 1 so all are triggered through same pins (this would be easier quicker - no code changes !)

(electrotech) #5

if there is additional driver circuitry for the pumps…

microcontroller gpio pins —> transistor/mosfet —> pump

then i would either edit the code or modify the circuit before the driver circuitry so that you dont overload the driver by using 2 pumps on one side of it. (but i never really looked at it properly, just glanced… but i assume so since a board was made for it that it wasn’t just a microcontroller.

(Bushra Burge) #6

Oh thanks - I’ll look this afternoon/Tonight. I’ll probably head to South London makerspace for about 7/8 to see if they have the cables etc & try do the code change but see how today goes with my dad first

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(Bushra Burge) #8

I have the jst cable so hopefully the avr programmer will be in the drawer. I also have the orignal code so hopefully be able to update it for both pumps (rather than soldering).

(Bushra Burge) #9

will be in on sunday to use the avr programmer

(Bushra Burge) #10

Hmmmn found a drawer with micro controllers but not sure if any of these are avr programmer

(electrotech) #11

take a photo

(electrotech) #12

if howard is in i volunteer his help. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bushra Burge) #13

(Bushra Burge) #14

@howard if you are around today/tomorrow would love to have a chat about the avr programmer. (I have ordered one as well - so I can bring mine in when it arrives (today hopefully) - thanks

(electrotech) #15

you could probably program it from the third circuit board in this image, a usb to serial adapter, since the arduino bootloader must already be on your pump-dev board.

googling something like, program arduino over serial, would likely shed sufficient light on the procedure.

(Bushra Burge) #16

ok thanks :slight_smile:

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(Bushra Burge) #18

I have the avr programmer Is it just compile & load like normal board ?

(Paul Court) #19

I’ve got the real AVR kit programmer if you are stuck. I can bring it on Thursday ?


(Bushra Burge) #20

Oh no is this not the real one :frowning: I have a demo on Thu & other stuff to prepare so trying to get the code uploaded tonight. I’ll look for a YouTube demo, please feel free to send any links if you know of any :slight_smile: