Directors election 15th September

Election for one new director

The dates are as follows:

5th September 2022 - deadline for people sending their candidacy to directors.

15th September 2022 - actual voting starts

25th September 2022 - end of voting/ results shortly after

Here is the agreed directors election proposal for everyone to familiarize themselves with how it works including for candidates to know what to do!

Noticed posts weren’t made to highlight last Members meeting decisions. The time scale has been agreed by members on the meeting on contrary to the information in the post from 2020.


Hi Guys,

I agree this would be a good idea although for a number of reasons, the process has been slightly delayed and we should be going into voting very soon.

Would members accept a week delay in the process so this can happen or do you believe we need to push forward with the elections as per the time line ?


I would be happy to make the Q&A happen before voting starts as the candidate material hasn’t even been announced and there is no way too take time to consider. What happened?


I vote for push ahead if feasible. Will the delay become critical? I’m unemployed as of thursday for a few weeks, happy to throw hours at any problem you might be having.

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I think we should proceed if possible. I fly out tomorrow but am otherwise available to assist. What’s left to be done?

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Hi all. it’s 16th of September, we should have started voting yesterday. @directors, can we please have an update about what is happening with this?

(PS if I missed a post explaining what is happening, can we please “sticky” it)?

Apologies Guys, We have an issue that needed looking at/sorting before we could push forward with the voting for the election of the new director.

This should be resolved in the next day or so and then we will push out the voting information and start the poll.