Digital Art Sublimation workshop

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Workshop for members interested to learn more about Sublimation and the workflow involved. I’m proposing a voluntary contribution of £5 to cover materials that will go into the Textiles piggy bank to help buy additional things needed.

The workshop will be structured into 2 parts:

  1. Induction on how to use the Swing 30x30cm heat press safely
  2. Creative sublimation workflow

Please look at the tutorials before the workshop and make sure you understand the steps for what you want to do:


The whole workshop will last 2 hours - Space will remain open for the afternoon for those who want to practice :smiley:

We will cover:

Discussion on how to incorporate Stable Diffusion/DALL-E/FireFly and or some art app you are familiar with into the workflow to create a graphic; You will get a chance to have a go at one of those tools if you want to.
Getting your Art to the printer in a form that does not waste ink
Testing the printer before we print
How to use the heat press safely
How to handle hot bendy acrylic as it comes off the heat press
Settings needed for Sublimation using:
3mm Cast Acrylic sheet


You will then each have a chance to print/heat press your own design, materials will be provided for you but you are also welcome to bring your own laser cut CAST 3mm acrylic or 100-92% white Polyester mix fabric.
Technical note: EXTRUDED acrylic does not work - it has a lower melting point to CAST

If you want to have an acrylic shape specifically to your design cut but have not been inducted yet to use the laser cutter let me know and Ill bring it with me for you

Tools needed: if you have an iPad and/or Laptop please bring it. Laptop is better for looking at Stable diffusion and Procreate can only be used with an iPad. Any questions send me a message!

For more deep dive details including examples click on this link: Print Sublimation workshop Oct half term (DRAFT)

To take part simply add your name or confirm you coming by posting a message you would like to attend with your @name


Confirmed @names for Nov 8th - Workshop FULL


Add your @name below to be notified for second sublimation workshop.

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Not able to add my name in that list for some reason. Please can I be on that too.

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@Brendon_Hatcher advice taken doc is now a wiki! :slight_smile:

If this is a tool needing inductions, can we rework this into the standard induction framework used throughout slms?

I think it also needs a tool page, maybe risk assessment? Even if it’s relatively safe to use we still assess risk of damaging the machine.

@textilestechs @dorine


Knowing how to safely use the heat press would be advisable before letting people use it, you can get a nasty buckle burn if you are not careful. The printer is harmless :slight_smile:

I’ll add the request for an induction in the sublimation workshop working doc discussion to cover the heat press part of the workshop and a tools page for the printer

Due to a death in the family, I’m no longer available to help on the 28th.

Hi @Brendon_Hatcher - I am really sorry to hear that. Love to you and your family. Tracy

This sounds very interesting, Im in! Would perspex work? I have some 5mm clear I could bring along.

Would the same process work for synthetic fabrics like a bonded Nylon for example? I left a sample swatch under the laser computer desk the other week for reference.

Our thoughts are with you and yours, sorry for your sad loss.

Unfortunately not, it has to be cast acrylic for it to work properly. That said after the workshop you could do some tests :slight_smile:

Sounds good! Have you got any suggestions for places to order some of the correct material? Im aware it will be provided but im interested in what it looks like and colours available etc.

Hobart our regular laser stuff supplier stock it and I also use Dryad education as they have a free delivery option on small orders, also faster at shipping than Hobart’s :slight_smile:

Not all cast acrylic have the same properties, some are better than others. Same applies to poly and poly mix fabrics. So an amount of testing is always advised each time you get new stock in.

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Ive booked the big table in the clean room so we can have a bit more space to spread out!

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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Apologies to all and any anxiety this may cause :sweat: I’ve had to change the workshop date to the 8th of November.

I’ve just very slightly tested positive for covid 1 solid line and 1 very faint line, old test kit so hoping it’s a dud, Sabrina will go buy some testing kits for me tomorrow so will report back on outcome.

No one around me is reporting symptoms but I do have a 86.6 fever so best to postpone the workshop just to be on the safe side! I’ll pm everyone I’ve been in contact with over the last week.

Really sorry for any anxiety this might cause anyone, fever only came out this evening…

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Hey Dorine,

No worries! Make sure to get some rest and get well soon!

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Hey Dorine,

Not a problem, funnily enough the 8th of nov is my birthday! So a print workshop would be an extra birthday treat.

Hope you feel better soon, rest up!

See you then

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That’s fine! Please do take care and as much time as you need to heal.



Thank you for organising Dorine! For some reason I thought the workshop was today? But if it’s in Nov 8 I’ll be running a bit late, is that alright?

Sorry for the confusion. The workshop had to be rescheduled as I’ve got Covid. I’ll be able to cover what you missed after the workshop ends so don’t worry.