Day of flat (and square) 1st of July (funds drive)

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Recently @joeatkin2 and I made the plainer thicknesser plainer.

To celebrate we are going to have a day of inductions starting at 9AM on the 1st of July.

This is not going to be organized (I am in charge so apologize) we will have a list on the day the first people to show up will be at the top of the list. If you are in the space and free when one induction finishes and the next one is about to start you will get to be in the induction if you are not we will skip you for the next person in the list.

I have never given this induction before so cannot guarantee how long it will take but I suspect an hour. With the first group having up to 4 people, if this proves to many or few the number will be adjusted

We will start planing some wood I have set to one side for this (I will get people to prep it if they are up for it) this wood will be used for the day of boxes to come. If this finishes we can see if there are scraps to play with or we can uses members wood if they have some.

There won’t be a normal fee for this session as it is a drive to get the money together to fix the power feeder (About £260) for the plainer so all proceeds will go into that pot (if there is excess I am also looking at getting some routing planes (, maybe not this one depending on funds) for the day of boxes and we have other things in the list. My aim is to raise about £400 but if I come out with £50 I will live. Feel free to either put your £5 into that pot or more if you are willing

Please leave a like on this comment if you intend to show up so we can have an idea of numbers (I will not check if you actually show up)


I’m down for this. thx for organizing

Great idea! Sadly, I’ll have to wait for the next one… I’m out of the country that week. :crying_cat_face:

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No worries I’ve only put this off for 3 months :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wicked dude​:crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m interested, thanks for organising!

I’m making it happen I don’t organize anything :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Steven,

I’ll be there. 09:00.
Thanks for organising this. I’ve been needing to use the planer for a while.

Some people from this list of 'rough to square wood 'might find this interesting! With this induction and Marks workshop you can totally arrive to the skill set you’re after! Also a great way to raise funds for fixing up the woodworkshop tools.

  1. @Glennbo
  2. @DuncanK
  3. @nickritchie
  4. @teddy
  5. @Ben_Mahon
  6. @Martyn_Thomas
  7. @Reianna
  8. @Jason_L
  9. @father
  10. @Pau
  11. @asander1
  12. @James_Hunter
  13. @tomba .
  14. @msparker
  15. @tomjw
  16. @james-c
  17. @Harry_Peck .
  18. @Matt_Carter
  19. @Geraetefreund
  20. @Jamie_Scuffell
  21. @Walid
  22. @Federico
  23. @dan_visser
  24. @PhilH
  25. @VintageSteel
  26. @edwinc
  27. @tobbh
  28. @Jennifer_Moore
  29. @johan.a
  30. @Nancy
  31. @dario
  32. @IanB
  33. @palmada
  34. @DanSmith
  35. @Luka
  36. @emerson.hill
  37. @Brixtoneer
  38. @bryce1733
  39. @scythian
  40. @slimshelly
  41. @tw1sted1981
  42. @HelenM
  43. @BozTM
  44. @Christie .
  45. @urbanautomaton
  46. @Sia-Deniche_M
  47. @daniel
  48. @roryhutcheson
  49. @Riggerz .
  50. @Gilbert
  51. @Maz
  52. @argilop
  53. @Dan_Beames
  54. @DWade
  55. @elee
  56. @Idris
  57. @MattGilmour
  58. @TomHB
  59. @David_C
  60. @felixhj
  61. @C8lin
  62. @Caitlin_Campbell
  63. @thymepuns
  64. @MichaelaL
  65. @TonyP
  66. @jakechur
  67. @charles
  68. @chris_c
  69. @Vas
  70. @Dale_Cox
  71. @greta
  72. @brendan_callan
  73. @Ewa_Badurek
  74. @david.shenoda
  75. @hugh2
  76. @licheong
  77. @Mike_P
  78. @IsaacB
  79. @Shaz92
  80. @weerasuriya
  81. @LarkinNM
  82. @elena_alexi
  83. @Ricksullen
  84. @turk
  85. @Tim_Britten
  86. @dom
  87. @Shannon
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Can you join in if you have not done the woodshop introduction??

Sadly not the basic woodshop will be needed. Sorry

@Destom see you Saturday but I might be there about 10am, I live in Walthamstow so a bit of a trek down

No worries. Just changes where you are on the list for me

HI @woodtechs we have quite a few enrolments on todays open eavening, can we ad at least one foundation woodshop induction on that day for the the new members. That way they can HELP RAISE MORE FOR THE SANDBLASTER. They would pay(£5) the woodshop induction and pay a donation fee to be inducted on the plainer/thicknesser aswell and get off to a stess free start to their Makerspace journey.

I can’t do both, is the suggestion I cancel one for the other?

Oh my…
The way it’s been discussed today - the thicknesser event raises quite a bit of interest around the space actually. Something that gets mentioned, something people in the space are talking about. At the same time we have people on basic woodshop waiting list, a significant part of those are new members willing to jump in. People on open evenings are often enthusiastic about woodshop. And here’s a one-off event. And they are obviously not allowed to join, because rules.

So there was a thought - is it final? Or may be one of woodshop inductors can arrange that they would be inducted just before or after, maybe even same day? Like 5-10 people in the morning? Or allow to participate, but then they have to wait for a proper woodshop induction?

Team on open evening today - they don’t know if something is possible and they couldn’t help. So that’s why Shannon offered to ask woodtechs, not because he wants another thing on your shoulders.
Sorry for confusion, it was never meant to be.

Hey Scythian I understand the sentiment of wanting people to be able to do the basic induction especially if there is something they are interested in after but a basic induction can take up to 6 people and takes 4 hours.

We cannot do any other induction with the plainer thicknesser going so the option of another induction in the morning would either mean starting the day of flat at 1PM not 9AM or starting the basic induction at 5AM

@woodtechs It could be done if woodshop inductors team up wanted to. If I was an inductor I know I would. eg. 9am thicknesser starts and if any new members turn up they they could have an induction start at the same time and be ready to start the thicknesser at 1.30pm. If @woodtechs come together this can easily be achieved.
For the greater good lol

We need to advertise it aswell

So again your suggestion is 2 days before the thing delay the day of flat by 4.5 hours.
Simply no this won’t happen. I have spent 15 hours organizing this thing and am looking at spending another 10 delivering it for you to come in 2 days before and say I would do it better.

This is not going to change my mind and I am not canceling nearly half of my plan because you had a better one

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