Day of flat (and square) 1st of July (funds drive)

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I’m saying adapt the plan.

I’m saying no

OK just an idea

@Destom @woodtechs Also I did not say “I would do it better” at all. Please do not make up things I did not say at all. Please highlight were i said that … I did not say it. That is not on

Please keep the heat down. Steven has put a lot of thought and work into this and the only appropriate response should be a “Thank you for organising this.”

Please create a separate post in discussion, if there is anything you have to say about inductions.


I’m hoping to make it down mid-morning. Looking forward to it.

sounds good. I should be going until a fair way into the afternoon/evening.

If Everyone who is showing up tomorrow has liked this I think we should be able to get through everyone (although if 200 people show up I am sorry I won’t be able to induct you all).

I think I have about 10 Pieces for training so I would suggest if you have something that would be good as a practice piece please bring it with. I will try and get my pieces flat as I mentioned they will be for the day of boxes so want other people to do my work.

If you show up and the Plainer thicknesser induction is going on I might ask you to clean wood this will be with a scraper and stud finder mainly depending on how many pieces I manage to prep tonight.

See you all tomorrow

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I’ll aim to come! I can bring a reclaimed oak windowsill for practising on

Sorry, I couldn’t make it, but will definitely attend next possible induction. I have project to plane a live edge slab - but it’s about 50cm wide and I understand the player only does 310mm - do we have another tool that can be used in this case?

Thx for organising again it was relly good and really fun. Hope enough funds were raised for the upgrades.

Thank you for your time.

The drum sander will be able to do that if it gets up and running . If not I did my slab with a router sled. Big CNC will also do it

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Not quite but might be able to raise them another way

Thanks all for taking part, and welcome the new members of the plane users.
I have added you all to the plainers group Once tool control is live you should have fob access. Until then feel free to use the plainer thicknesser whenever someone with a key is willing to turn it on for you.


Thanks so much for the marathon induction - much appreciated by all


Thank you for giving up your time - much appreciated. I hope you manage to raise a good amount for the power feeder!


Thanks again, @Destom, for giving up your time and teaching us the ins and outs of the planer. I greatly enjoyed it.