Day of Boxes

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I am doing a one off to see if it’s something that people would like in the future (including me)

a few weeks ago I made The overly documented box (with optional lid).

I have made a few pieces of wood available that would be able to make the box again. If anyone wants me to watch over them (with possible guidance) I will be down on Saturday the 30th of Sept.

The aim here is for new woodworkers to try their hand at a project from start to finish. If you don’t make the lid this is something that should be doable in a day and you will walk away with a box.

I will provide the piece of wood and you don’t need to be able to use any tools that aren’t included in the basic induction (a basic induction is required before you can join apologies).

I won’t be reserving more than one bench so it (like the day of flat) will be a first come first serve day however as all I am doing is guiding as long as there is space there should be no limit to the amount of people I can guide and if people don’t finish they can go back to the docs and finish in their own time.


I’d like to be all over this but came down with Covid today and highly doubt I’ll be completely clear after only one week. So whilst I’ll need to give it a miss this time, I’d like to throw my full support behind this as it’s a really cool idea.

Hey, we will see how this one goes. I think people who already work on their own projects will move past this fairly quickly but we will see

Hi Great documentation. I have done the woodworking induction but nothing more and with no skills to build on I’d be really interested in making a box in a day. It looks really cool and a great way to get stuck in. I’m away that weekend so can’t make the 30th but if you can face doing it again another weekend I’d be really keen.


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