Cutting some 8mm Steel Rods

This is probably a really dumb question, but I need to cut a couple of 8mm steel rods, and I don’t know much about working with metal. What should i use to cut them, and if it’s something that needs an induction, would someone be able to make the cuts for me if I mark them up?

Edit: what I need is 2 x 56cm rods, and B&Q only sell 100cm lengths, so if someone has an idea of where to source the material that doesnt leave me with 88cm of scrap in 2 pieces then that would also be really good to know.

There’s always the trusty old elbow grease and a hacksaw but cutoff wheel in an angle grinder would be my go to. The latter is part of the MIG welding/grinding induction. I’m sure someone booked in on the MIG welder would be happy to help or a metal tech if they’re around.

I would look at getting the 2m length from B&Q or joining the next metal tech buy from metals4u. Getting two 56cm pieces precut would cost £2.09

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Thanks mate, any idea when the next metal tech buy will be?

We’re still 28 quid short of free delivery (saves 9 GBP).

Anyone need anything? @dario @Gergo_Dala

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I’m good… Trying to use what I have already. @bbeesley happy to show you how to cut rods: there is a metal circular saw in the back of arch 2 but the blade is nearly finished.

Not at the moment, might gonna need some, but first I need to fabricate what I can from the pile in my boxes.
edit: will need some 6x40x700mmand 100x6x300 sheet at some point

Anyone who wants can join in the group buy: Metals4U Group Purchase

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