Metals4U Group Purchase

The metaltechs will be buying new material for welding inductions from
If you’d like to get in on combined shipping, now would be a great time. I will make the purchase on Thursday at noon.


yes, please… considering the shared delivery costs, this is cheaper than my local merchant.

I’ll send you my brass list by tomorrow.


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Yeah, I’d like to get some aluminium rods for turning on the lathe…

Is this a good way to buy this or are there cheaper ways from scrap places, etc?

Just asking as I see that metal is actually quite expensive and not bought any before?

Hi Steve,

Metals4u is expensive compared to other online shops, I found “first choice metals” to have better prices.
Try also “The metal store” for steel.

Best, J


Thanks for pointing that out Joe!

Brass and Al are much cheaper at but our the 3mm mild steel sheet for the welding inductions is cheaper at metals4u than the metal store.

When prices were a bit crazier, the cheapest large round cutoffs of Al were on ebay from the US even including shipping. Not sure if that’s still the case.

Hi Kyle,

If you want to buy steel check they deliver to London and I’m sure are less expensive.

You can find the odd bargain on ebay and if you are looking for something special check or google model engineer supplies.

Best, J


@Kyle I’ll pass this time, i’ve found out my local metal merchant is much cheaper for brass flat bars.
it’s in Greenwich.
maybe check if it’s cheaper for mild steel too and i can go directly to pick up the order ( if it’s not going to weight a ton for my backpack)

It’s more expensive unfortunately…

I bought the steel for the RE from hardwareoutlets ebay store

I’ve bought some Aluminium from eBay links so I’m all good as well thanks :+1:

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With these metal prices we should build an induction heater, or get a smelting furnace from vevor, and cast our alu brass and copper scrap into round ingoth, those are easy to make. we can collect the chips separately and pick up old taps and stuff to reduce the costs.


Sure, we already had outside christmas bbq so we are half way there :grinning:

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works the same way just have less power :smiley:

I have completed the order. I’ve never tried it, but metals4u will apparently price match:

ah… if I knew i would have sent you the metalsupermarket prices to match

next time…