Custom Brass Stamps

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re all well. I’m not inducted on the CNC machine, however I’d rather support the space and pay for someone to do it, rather than outsource it to a stranger.

I need three solid brass stamps made for embossing onto leather.

I’m going to attach an image of another brand who have these made as the example. I’ll also label the photos of my own I attach, which match the dimensions of the requested stamps.

How much would these three stamps such the already made one beneath cost one to make in the dimensions of;

Large Brand Logo - Height: 20mm Width 15mm

Brand Text - Height: 15mm Width 7.5mm

Small Brand Logo - Height: 10mm Width 7.5mm

I’d like this made as soon as possible, so please do get in touch if you’re able and happy to do this.




Are we able to cut brass on the CNC? would be great if we could.

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I thought the only machine to use for Brass was CNC? Let me know if I’m wrong haha.

Nope you’re right, I’m just unsure if our CNC at the makerspace can do so

@Federico has done it. Let me know because I’d like to make a brass stamp too :blush:

Yes it’s possible but it’s takes time.
I’ve done 1 and planning a couple of others.

Let’s discuss it next time we’ll be in the space. I’ll be there next Sunday.


watches with interest

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Nice one, looks solid. How long do you think it will take the price for 3? I’d like these done fairly soon and I’m happy to reimburse you for your labour/materials.

You can buy the brass directly from any metal merchant, i normally buy from metal supermarket in Greenwich.
You need brass CZ121 ( the most machinable).
Then we can set up the file together. Pack yourself with lunch, dinner and patience, my brand took 6+hours to be milled.

I’m happy to invest my time for free and help you.
If you want to contribute, I suggest you can buy a couple of set of milling bits to donate to the space so we can all use them for future projects ( i can show you what are the sets if you are interested)

Let me know.


If you have any recommendations on some I’d be happy to put some money toward it.

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I think a little more roughing is in order this go round :slight_smile: Happy to assist!

Mmm yes and no… It depends on the finishing… But we’ll definitely try this time.

Ditto :slight_smile:

We got decent finishes in Al with a single flute O cutter. I would try 2 flute TiCN coated of pretty small diameter. At 3mm, try min RPM and 400mm/min.

Let’s do it on Sunday. I only have 99% chance if being wrong… So :slight_smile:

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Hi Louis,

We are starting to look at our content inclusion for the Dulwich festival Maker fair we have a “Don’t be Shy! submit your Make” event happening on Friday. Would this be of any interest to you maybe and/or do you know anyone else I can reach out too?