Craft & Textile night - sew a simple bag with zip - non-members welcome

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Well the places went quickly! If anyone has missed out on this night but still want to do - let me know and I’ll gauge if there is enough interest to run this event again over the next couple of weeks.

Our craft/Textile social will be a another project night. - We will cut out and sew a simple tote bag including a zip top. Everyone welcome - member and non-members.

If you’ve never used a sewing machine or put in a zip this is the night to try. We will make a very simple tote and learn the basics of cutting pattern pieces, using the sewing machines, and inserting a basic zip.

We will have all the materials you need to get started on the night and will be there to show you how. It will be first come first served but we’ll try to have enough for as many people come! We were very busy last session so please give me an indication below if you would like to come so I can prepare the materials. Thanks!

Date: Tuesday, December 6th, 2022
Time: from 6.30pm to 9:00 pm (we’ll start main section at 7)

Just editing to tag a few people! @techfolderkites, @slimshelly, @Maz, @tw1sted1981, @HelenM, @Amanda, @Zoey_Chang, @Fox, @mimiscott, @Chantel, @Julia

Thanks for the suggestion @Brendon_Hatcher - changing this to a wiki and max. places will be 12. Please add yourself if you would like to come. If you cannot then make please do open the space back up to others.

1 @danl
2 @danl
3 @asander1
4 @james-c
5 @james-c
6 @amanda
7 @HelenM
8 @tw1sted1981
9 @cristina.rebollo
10 @cristina.rebollo
11 @Gilbert
12 @john.w

Facilitators - @TracyD, @Julia


Put me down for 2 people :smiley:


Sounds really good! Loving these project based sessions! I would like to join, but won’t make it until 7:30, hopefully that is not disruptive?


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Sounds great Tracy. I’ll bring a +1 too.
I expect you’ll have a popular session here!


This sounds fun put me down for a place please.

Suggestion - use the same format as an induction invitation - much easier to track numbers:

Turn the original post into a wiki.
Create placeholder numbers 1. to whatever
Everyone adds their names to that list rather than replying


@tw1sted1981 and I will be there. We’ve finally bought the material to make our outdoor beanbags, so will definitely need some zippers on those!


@TracyD I will be there and happy to assist with setting up and teaching.

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Hi Amanda - could I put you as facilitator rather than user - I somehow suspect you know how to put in a zip :rofl::rofl:

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Exciting! I’ve put myself and a +1 down. Really looking forward to this!

Thank you :blush:

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Of course you can I would be happy to help.

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Added myself to the list as well after reading the “…never used a sewing machine or put in a zip…” section :wink:


Well that went quickly! If anyone has missed out on this night but still want to do - let me know and I’ll gauge if there is enough interest to run this event again over the next couple of weeks.


You had me at zips Tracy! I’d be interested if another session was running. Thanks for organising. I agree with Andy that having a group project is great, less intimidating for beginners than bring your own project!

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There is no me more space open :slight_smile:

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Hi Tracy, I’d be interested in attending if the event runs again over the next couple of weeks.

And could I add myself and a +1 to the waiting list for this one in case a couple of people drop out?

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Would also love to join if there’s another session!

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Ah didn’t realise I had to add myself to a list… should’ve deduced it, now I know. Would be interested in future sessions!

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Looks like there would be interest in a second session then. I am a bit pushed for weekday evenings with the run up to Xmas - but how about a Saturday session? I could run one on Saturday December 10th?

@danl, @ingasr, @hernehillier - would that suit you?

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wow, that is really kind of you to consider a second session! I’d be very happy to attend Saturday, 10th December if it happens.