Complete Lounge Makeover

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My lounge is full of STUFF and THINGS, and none of it is arranged very nicely.

(Previous thread on that coffee table)

I’ve been living in this house for ten years this week, and I can do better than this!

The plan is to attack it in phases, eventually (many months/years? later) doing the whole room in a cohesive design, with loads more shelves and cupboards, nicer materials, and just better use of the space.

Here’s what I’ve got in mind:

I’ve got the whole thing modelled and drawn up in plan and section

I’ve picked the TV corner to start with, as it gets looked at the most and is the most messy. The door will be replaced with a slider, which will go into a hidden pocket behind the TV.

It’ll all be made of MDF-on-framework sandwich panels, oak veneered on the “outside” faces, painted white on the “inside” faces, with solid oak strips to all the horizontals and verticals. I’ll need to get well versed on the panel saw, but it should be a simple matter of making lots of mostly-rectangular bits and then dowelling them together. I’ve got my solid oak parts all scheduled, and my sheets all divvied up for cutting.

All I need now some materials, some time, and some motivation, which is what this thread is partly for.


I finally done the induction for the panel saw sounds like it’s a good time for you to build your lounge.

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We also have a tracksaw table that will be ready when arch 2 opens, that is perfect for this project!

It would be great to get one project finished with the silly sliding thing before the bits get lost


So on that topic, did you have any dates in mind for running that induction?
I’d also need to get trained/unlocked on the thicknesser. I’m considering milling my own oak strips from raw board as it saves a fair bit.

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Thicknesser not a problem, planer no induction but I’ll make myself available when you want to do the Oak

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So @joeatkin2 made the very good suggestion that I’m making things far too complicated by effectively “making IKEA furniture” and that I should instead make it all out of simple 4-sided boxes in 18mm MDF, stacked screwed and glued and clad in another layer of MDF. With a little shimming and veneer, the front edges can all present the same thickness:

Then all the timber strips can be glued to the front, all cut exactly to length, and trim routed to flushness.

I think if I was a contractor building this on site, able to commit full working days, this would be the correct method. But I’m going to have to build this in dribs and drabs whenever I can spare an hour or two, storing the pieces as I make them and only making a mess in the lounge when I’m ready for final assembly. A bunch of flat slabs stacked against the wall in the spare bedroom will be much more family friendly than piles of boxes, and will require no dusty or wet work in the house.

I reckon you’ve sold me on Beech instead of Oak though Joe :slight_smile:


But it should go up in a matter of hours if it’s made from boxes

Having now watched a bunch of cabinetry videos, yeah you’re right. Boxes it is. Will probably paint each panel while flat before final assembly on site though. Just trying to keep disruption to minimum…

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(I will be spamming this thread as I go, partly so I have all this stuff documented. Apologies in advance!)

Boxes, lots of boxes (25, including the door reveals)

The solid timber lip of each shelf will be built in to the box above, so I can get a perfectly flush edge where it matters, then shim it as close as possible on the underside.

The baseboards, skirting, verticals and additional external panels will have to be fit on site.

I may or may not build in speakers to the top shelves (grey hatching).
I may or may not register each box to its neighbours with additional dowels.
I will have some fun routing power/data/HDMI/audio.

123 pieces to cut. MDF has got expensive recently O_O

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