CNC Tooling

Hey @CNCers,

We’re grabbing some new collets and so now is a great time to think about tooling. We’ve also been making good progress on the large CNC router in arch 2, although we can’t yet estimate when we’ll solve all of its issues.

What kinds of projects would you like to work on? What kinds of tooling would you like available in the space? Not everything is practical for our space but let’s see what we can do!

I’ll start us off with a 3mm roundover bit and some 60 deg engraving bits would be cool!

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Engraving text and making tiny things! Nano tools…

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Hi Kyle, I would like tools for prototyping PCB’s. I would imagine a small drill bit(s) and quite small tools for between traces - my guess would be flat ended would be preferable?
I had hoped to have a go already but i’ve been ill - going to have a go when I can!


Ya - hope you feel better soon!

Sounds like a set of micro/nano tools for PCBs and other stuff would be cool!

Just an example…


Something like this to get a 45 degree chamfer on aluminium + a couple of aluminium cutting mills?

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I think that tool is for aluminum composites, is that something you want to cut? Are you also interested in machining billet? How large? Profiles or 3d contours?

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Oh I see. Billet yes !
See examples.

image|500x500,75% image

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A 45 degree for alu chamfers and a couple of flat alu mills e.g. 2mm for detail and 6mm for big chunks?
Not sure yet, need to start experimenting with something first.


Yeah this looks good, thanks

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@Kyle, next itme you’re in the space can you paste here what bits we have currently? I just want to see if there are any gaps. I also wanted to recommend we get a variety of v-groove bits, not just 60, but also 45, 30 etc to do a variety of lettering.

Hrm… maybe the list of bits should also be on the tool page? or does that change too often?


No it doesn’t change that often - will add to the tool page! Good idea!

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Hi @CNCers!

Just ordered:

5x 6MM 4 flute Carbide bits
10x Nano tools - .08mm -> 3mm
10x 1/8in 2 flute Carbide bits

Should get us going for a while… but coming from China direct, so wait 2 weeks or so!


Oh ya! And a set of 1/8 shank V Bits - 10, 15, 20, 30, 45 degrees…


Great, are they all for hardwood?

Oohh, lack of nano tools made my project idle. Thanks!

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Ya should be fine on hardwood

How about aluminium?

We need to buy some specific stuff for Aluminium… but definitely want to get that going!

What kinds of projects?


whatchu gonna do with nanotools? Don’t they take FOREVER to do anything? Or is it to like clean up text sariffs or whatever?