CNC piece for a friend - tango

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Sapele PAR, final dimensions something like 17x17 or 16x16 or so. Used a 20 degree engraver for the top & bottom text and a 90 for the accordion looking thing (it’s a bandoneon). The top is text, the middle and bottom were images that I vectorized and then set as Vcarve bits. Designed in VCarvePro. Job took in the order of 30 mins to do it all. The edges have a very slight chamfer. The choice of applying those chamfers, final sanding and oiling by @Julia. Only one layer of oil was applied.


  • really happy with how it came out… especially the depth of the accordion. Had to triple check it wasn’t going through the wood!
  • I let the speed go as fast as the default bit settings said, which was pretty fast… it’s MOSTLY fine, but you can see the different layers, which apparently is due to the speed being still a bit too fast. For the record, these were my settings, which were too fast:
  • I had a really nasty time converting my friend’s logo (the bottom text) into vectors because the background was on a nasty gradient… when it came time to mapping color to the vector I’d keep, the cleanest I could get it was this… which brought in a bit of the circle (which is why there’s a small arc above the logo. It would have been easy to remove once it became vectorized, but I thought it added a bit of personality, so I left it in! Also, this way I can make fun of my friend for not having a vectorized logo! :slight_smile:
  • This was my first time using the planer/jointer, and the difference is huge… it’s really a wonderful machine. It made all the bits of wood perfectly straight and the same size. Much better than planing/sanding by hand.

This is lovely! Such a nice finish to it!

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Very classy :sunglasses:

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looks really good :smiley:

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for a moment I thought this was the laser cutter and went into a scramble trying to understand how such magic is possible :woman_facepalming:t4: ok one more induction to do then! :star_struck:

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Lol! We are inducting! Are you on the wait list?

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Not yet but I was planning to look around for where I can sign up for it if you have a link handy I’ll happily take it!

Check here:

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Maciej’s link is to all inductions… put yourself down on whichever ones suit! The CNC specific one is here.

Fantastico, thanks both!!