CNC milling machine offered

(Chris Osborne) #41

Hi Folks, Did you manage to get this working?

(Royful Miah) #42

Hi @Courty how’s this project going?

(Paul Court) #43

The project has stalled ! work has stopped play :frowning:

I could really do with some help to carefully strip the old boards out help wire in new boards and drivers.
Anyone fancy helping with the project ?


(Royful Miah) #44

Hi @Courty

I’m happy to help but electronic skills are a bit basic so if you don’t mind guiding me, I’m up for the challenge


(kevin) #45

I’d be available to help out with this too if you need the hands.

(Chris Osborne) #46

I take it there is no dongle and possibility of running on the original software?

(Dermot Jones) #47

There’s no dongle…but that doesn’t mean we can’t get one…

@Will @Courty know the most about this

(Paul Court) #48

Hi Chris, thanks for the offer.

Short version of progress to date !
Dongle cost £300 and not sure they would sell us one anyway (SW out of date and unsupported), current electronics are old and very poor but machine good, machine needs a strip out and replacement electronics, need volunteers to take charge due to lack of my time currently…


(Chris Osborne) #49

Most recent Galaad update was 4th Feb 2019 so still looks supported.
I think it is possible to trial without payment.
"Limited trial without licence: if you do not have a Galaad licence, then the automatic milling and the export of files will be limited to 10 design items, each one having a maximum of 50 co-ordinates. This should allow you to test the machine drive in real conditions. "

The boards may however be old and slow compared to modern stuff. (I’ve only done profiling and pocketing on mine in the last 10 yrs)

(Ed Yeboah) #50

I’d be happy to help with this.