CNC milling machine offered

(Adam Holden) #21

I have a few concerns

Space - its not like the area can grow and it already feels difficult to work in.

We already have the lathe that isn’t running. Do we need another project?

The metal area isn’t running inductions on the equipment it has. Where would this sit on the list?
Also a cnc machine isn’t like a 3d printer or a laser cutter. Training would be a challenge and very time consuming. Who is going to take this on?

Anything mechanical can be made on a manual machine. I’d rather see that we had a nice full manual set up that members use before going near cnc.

(Dean Forbes) #22

I kind of think people think its a “silver bullet” it is not! a lot of this has to do with the environment and skill level required it can be maintenance heavy

Patrick you can get the same geometries and precision out of a manual machine if you put the effort in and this is part of the problem with CNC a lot of people thing it plug and play like clicking print on a paper printer

(Dermot Jones) #23

I agree with the thrust of this…however: we’ve talked so long about getting a CNC over the last 4 years, and are now presented with an opportunity to try it at low cost. Sometimes the energy gathers round the equipment…sometimes not. We shall see

I think we’re aware the @metaltechshave plenty on their plates already, so need to look for support in the wider membership

(unknowndomain) #24

More important is that we’ve had an agreement to get a CNC and unlike the full bed this was the size we always agreed before. To go next to the laser.

(Royful Miah) #25

any chance anybody knows if this cnc machine can cut aluminium or mild steel?

(Matthew Marks) #26

“Suitable tooling materials are aluminium, PVC, glass, printed circuit materials.(Please ask us
for further treatment materials)
For safety reasons, graphite is not permissible (danger of explosion) as material.
Also not admissible are materials that produce health-endangering gases during

(Chris Osborne) #27

I have two ISEL machines and we had a very large one at my previous job. Good strong rigid hardware. You should be able to cut non-ferrous on the machine shown. I’ve cut brass and ali. I used ‘Galaad’ for many years; personally I like it. (I prefer it to Cut 2D; I’ve never used Mach3.) Galaad is only fully usable if you have the dongle.

(Mr Patrick Dent) #28

My skills are in designing, not machining. If I want to be sure it will work, I get the design right then let the machine do the work.

(Adam Holden) #29

Crikey, a whole industry could save a fortune by getting rid of machinists :wink: :smiley:

(Dermot Jones) #30

I’m collecting this today! Thanks to @Matthew for thinking of us!

We need two or so members to take some ownership of this machine. It will be under supervision of @metaltechs, however they’ve got plenty on their plates already. Someone with experience in CNC to lead, with support from a member with time and enthusiasm to learn would make a good combination. Is that you?

@metaltechs: is experience with the manual mill the foundation for using a CNC mill?

(Dermot Jones) #31

Anyone in the Space who can help shift this off the van? My ETA is 11:30

@Benjamin @deanforbes?

(Rich Maynard) #32


(Benjamin Hobson) #33

Damit I am no longer present. There are two strapping lads still there though!


(Dean Forbes) #34

Here for another hour

(laurent_muchacho) #35

I’ll be in this evening in case you still have it in the van than :slight_smile:

(Dermot Jones) #36

In its very temporary position

(Chris Osborne) #37

Do you plan to run this on Galaad? Do you have the dongle? If yes to both then I’m happy to help out, though I’m not a member.

(Paul Court) #38

i’ll give it the once over on Thursday if you want.

We can decide a game plan for it once we know what were up against but it looks great !


(Ed Yeboah) #39


(Royful Miah) #40

I can’t wait to get inducted on it!!!