Caribou 3d Printers going cheap

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Hello all,

I’ve just bought a second hand Caribou Mk3s 320 and it seems to be in very good order. I paid £360 for it. He has 8 more (selling from a print farm that went bust) - I think he would take offers for several if we wanted in the space, or indeed if anyone else wants one.

Caribou / Zaribo printers are Prusa Mk3s printers but overspec with super rigid frames, mine has a bondtech extruder. I’m running on the Caribou firmware and using prusa slicer and all seems well so far.

Happy Monday all!


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I may be interested in one. Do you have any more details?

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Likewise, I may be interested

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i’ll DM you his number. They are also extra tall fyi - mine is 320 tall. Printing very happily in the background as i type

james I can’t dm you because of your settings email me if you like - if you google my full name you’ll get my website and address is in contacts

Weird, I’ve taken a look at my settings and it says it allows private messages. Anyway, I’ve sent you an email, thanks!

In that case I probably can’t use discourse properly. Emailed you anyway

hey, can I have some info too?

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Sounds interesting! I’ve sent you a DM for the contact details.

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Hi Gawain, please send me their details. I’m also interested.

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So, I got in touch with them and they are very friendly and happy to answer to various questions.

The price it’s fair and the machines seem in a good shape but honesly, it’s not a great game changer from a normal prusa, reading online the stiffness of the printers doesn’t do…anything…especially as they don’t have vulcano hotends or improved cooling.

Still, if you want a prusa printer for a fraction of the cost of a new one, go fot it.

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Yeah that’s basically my feeling too. Cheap way to get a prusa. It is extra tall however. Mine printing beautifully

Get a Bondtech CHR nozzle, up the speed until you hear clicking, thanks me later.


Oh? - is that the same as a CHT nozzle? - I need to know more…

It is, the only difference is that I made a spelling mistake.

The Magic of dyslexia

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“Core Heat Technology” for anyone else who had no clue what that was :slight_smile: The top orifice is actually three smaller holes to increase the surface area and therefore the heat conduction. This allows faster extrusion.


oooh - that sounds like a good thing. Fast is good

hey is this still available i might be interested it’s oki if it’s all gone let me know :smiley:

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To be honest I have no idea. I’ll DM you his details and you can ask

I thought everyone was into the Revo 6 hot ends now for that sweet hot swap nozzle goodness?