Bus/train countdown display

Anyone interested in having a countdown display in the main room with upcoming buses and trains from Herne Hill station?

I might have enough displays and mcus sitting around to build something like this.

(Yes I know you can also check it on your phone/laptop but we’re a makerspace!)


I would love this. Keeps the train times for late nights at a glance.

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I’d love it
Could you also add trains from Denmark hill :grinning:?

And the 35/37 bus schedule for me, @Ryanf, @PReardon, et al :slight_smile:


Fabulous idea! Yes please!

Maybe we can finally fit the panopticon and write a plug in for it?

Panopticon? Tell me more! (always up for playing with new displays)

The inverted panopticon it’s a 360 degree led sign I built for the Makerspace for the EMF Camp, it’s around 768 LEDs, all laser cutted and 3D printed, and is opensource

Where does it live? I’m happy to give it a try

I just googled that panopticon display. Looks fantastic.

Well, at my place,

the code is here:

the 3D model:


Fair warning, is big.

First iteration, proof of concept to check that I can do this all in micropython, also because I’m stuck at home sick and need something to do!

Still pondering what would be the ideal display for this, especially so we don’t waste a lot of power. Maybe I’ll try to get my hands on a 7 inch e-paper display.


Not OLED, that’s for sure :smiley:

I have a spare 4.2" e-paper display (https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/4.2inch_e-Paper_Module_Manual#Introduction) - happy to give it to a new home if it’d be of any use?

Nice! Looking good so far!

Thanks, Chris - this might be a good start. I’ll DM you to see if we can arrange a handover.

Fantastic we’ve been talking about this for years the display we always intended to use of a large LED matrix situated in the back of the wood shop

hey Joe, do you know anything more about this led matrix display? (Size, specs, where it currently lives after the wood shop moved to arch 2)

I can take a look next time I’m at the space.

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It’s big and talks rs485 in the standard format used when it was manufactured well documented and open.

Next time you see me we can go find it


468 and 68 for me