Broken parcel shelf hook - 3d print repair!

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Less than a week into buying our car, I broke the parcel shelf string hook… that was 2 years ago. I’m proud to announce that, with help from @julia, that is now fixed!

Big thanks also to toasthall for the thingiverse model

You can see the lower part is slightly droopy, I think I had it going too slow to start with so it didn’t get to cool because the head was over it for too long?

Anyway, after drilling out the supports from the hole I was able to fit it into the car very easily.

Wanted to take a leaf out of @mbg book on making a feature out of defects, hence the red on black.

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Just to add, the reason I had it running slower to start…

My first attempt at printing this at 100% speed resulted in the nozzle hitting a bit of set plastic that was poking above the layer it was placed on. I think this was because the nozzle wasn’t able to make a very clean “stop” at the end of a path.

Not a great photo, but you can see that little lump in the middle that is above the layer line

Hey! great work!

Just a detail, if you are planning to drive in hot countries you might find that PLA would not withstand the heat of a car parked hours under the sun.

PLA starts to degrade at 60 degree
PETG is at 85, that’s a better choice for automotive solutions :slight_smile: