Bringing router table into action

(Mark Johnson) #1

There is this option.

Lifter and spindle together.
The biggest issue we have with our router table is all lifters use a square insert that slots into the table which is not possible with ours as our back part of the table is cast iron. But I am sure we could make one.

Going this route would allow us to use the current router on the table as a dedicated circle cutter. Which I know @joeatkin2 thinks is a good idea

Purchasing a Kreg Jig or similar
(Neil Thomson) #2

Moved to a new topic from jigs. No knowledge / experience to bring to the (router) table (!) but would love an induction on how to use it…

(Neil Thomson) #3

PS change the title of this topic to something more accurate / appropriate

(Rich Maynard) #4

I chose a router with built in micro adjustment. It’s a bit fiddlier than adjusting from on top of the table but a lot cheaper

(joeatkin2) #5

This route was deemed to expensive at the time.

It would be better if we we just use the router as existing for the time and try to do something with those T slots.

(Stefano Romano) #6

I agree with Joe on this one… let’s try as it is first

(Mark Johnson) #7

No problem I will get it going this weekend

(Mark Johnson) #8

@joeatkin2 do we have a switch kicking round so we can turn it off and on from the front?

(Stefano Romano) #9

There is a nvr switch on for it on the bed of the Band saw (or there around)

(Stefano Romano) #10

Router table wired In and perfectly working with nvr switch!

(unknowndomain) #11

I can’t see in the picture, but I am fairly sure that the emergency stop has to be easily accessible from the tool, that looks quite a way away.

(Stefano Romano) #12

Well is just a couple of screws, I can move it, but anyway is in perfect reach and I think is in the perfect position for it to be found and pressed “in a rush”!
Is a lot closer that what it looks from the picture…
But again, is no effort in moving it…