Bowser head

A little project with the kids. I found an STL model of Bowser, cut his head off, and used Slicer for Fusion 360 to slice it into pieces to laser cut. That software seems great!
We laser cut it all from a bunch of old cardboard and they had great fun assembling and painting it:


Looks incredible!

Amazing! :heart_eyes:

Wow that’s so cool!

Did the slicer number all the pieces for you? Can imagine that could get messy real quick…

That looks like a great, fun project - even if I don’t have the faintest idea who or what a Bowser is… (clearly not a water tanker!).

Yeah Slicer numbers all the pieces and puts holes in them, assembly was really straightforward. I was impressed with Slicer, it arranged all the layers on the sheets ready for cutting out too


That’s great!

I have since discovered who Bowser is… it seems I need to get out less…