Bike Repair Night + Wheel Building!

Come to the South London Makerspace Bike Repair Meet-up!

Have you been meaning to tune up your bike? Got one sitting in the shed and it needs something to be road-worthy??

We will also be running a wheel building workshop, if someone wants to dismantle and rebuild a wheel, or build one from scratch? Reach out to @hernehillier for wheel building parts advice if you are interested in this!

Come! Bring your bike and any necessary spares and let’s get them all fixed up together and have some repair fun!
Open to non-members as well.

Date: Friday, December 1st, 2023
Time: 6:00PM - 9:00PM (ish)


Tagging some regulars:


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im in!! Ive been meaning to ask if this sort of thing ever happened at the space. My wheels are looking very sad for themselves atm and I also have a new set of rims id like to fit on my mountain bike so keen to learn how to build wheels for sure.


I may come along if I have time. I recently re-rimmed my wheels and got them fairly true but would appreciate some guidance in the dark arts :slight_smile:


nice, this is exciting, i hate maintaining my bike but somehow hate it less in a group setting. Ill try to make it down and pimp my dahon folding bike. Been thinking about adding some custom made rollers for when I fold it


Looking forward to this! Been meaning to get around to fixing my bike. Thanks :slight_smile: I need to replace my gear cables! Will be great to be able to change gear again haha

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Ooh would have loved to but can’t make that. Been wanting to learn to make a wheel for a long time

I’d love to learn about wheel building and truing and can hopefully provide some help for other bike maintenance tasks.

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I’ll be there, and really keen to try at least some wheel truing, if not wheel building :wink:

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Nice. I won’t be able to stay beyond 8:30pm, so will start wheel workshop at 7:30pm. It would be optimal if we can use the projector so I can have additional visual aids to demonstrate the different steps.

If you’d like to build a wheel from scratch, please ensure you have the correct parts. If you’d like to true or disassemble (and hopefully reassemble) an existing wheel, bring it along.

If there’s several of us, each person will want a spoke key to be able to tighten/loosen their spokes. Not to recommend Amazon but this £5 key from BBB is a good tool. It’s actually a good investment to have for a home toolbox, as a wheel true on the high street is ≈£15 these days. . Please no one buy the spoke keys that are a circle with many cuts in the perimeter, they’re almost always poorly sized and only end up rounding the (square) spoke nipples. If someone needs to order parts or professional calibre Park Tool, Pedros, or DT Swiss tools, I can offer a discount via my bike business.

@asander1 I have 2 professional truing stands we can use for the eve, but I’d need a ride to move them to and from the space, can we work something out? Also would be great if we can get the parts washer running in time for the evening, I’ll check the cleaning fluid prices and get back to you.

Yea! Cool lets do both!

Out of interest, Is this going to be a public event as I have a few people interested out of the space?

Yes, non members are fine!

I’ll make it down if I can. I don’t have any immediate wheel building needs but would love to learn. Thanks for organising!

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I’ll likely try to come down with my wife. She had the handlebars stolen off her bike (complete with stem, shifters etc) and the thief cut all of the cables. We’ve got new parts on the way and putting it back together with some competent people around sounds like a good plan!

My bike is also currently with Brixton Cycles as the front hub has seized. If they tell me I need a new hub perhaps I’ll think about learning to do this myself.

Yea! Bring it all along!

Everyone’s invited!

Please register on this thread if you’d like to join the wheel building workshop. You’ll need your own parts, which can be new or from an existing wheel, and ideally you’ll have a spoke tool too (see suggested above).

We’ll have 3 truing stands available on the night (2 modern, one much less pleasant old one). Most of the time is spent lacing the wheel, but eventually you’ll need a stand to get the wheel tensioned and true radially and laterally. I’ll bring a laptop to project step by step instructions for a double cross wheel lace pattern.

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Sorry for the late answer, I will also be taking part as I would like to correct the symetry of one of my wheel too!
I have some experience in fixing bike parts up, so I will be bringing my tools and will be more than happy to help anyone if needed!

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Nice, see you then!

I won’t be attending but a colleague of mine will be attending. Name is Oli.

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