Bike Maintenance Teaching Session

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(Tom Kirkman) #1

Hi all,

Very new to makerspace and on suggestion from a kind member who I met when I went to collect my fob - I’d like to run a bicycle maintenance class/session. I am an all-round bike person, experienced mechanic, and I love teaching. So let me know if you’re interested, what specifically you’d like to cover and what time suits you. If we can gather a group of at least 5 we’re on!


(Dermot Jones) #2

Sounds great. I imagine this will happen in the metalwork area? So get the thumbs up from @metaltechs if you’re going to be blocking out that area for a period.

And — if this gets a good response – any resources needed?

(Tom Kirkman) #3

Thanks, Dermot. Will clear this with @metaltechs if it goes ahead. Does the communal area out front get used for this type of thing? The Metal area might be a bit cramped for 5x bikes, and it shouldn’t be dirty work. I’ll bring a load of tools for this and see what participants have already and can bring with them.

(Dermot Jones) #4

You mean the Clean room? Yes, as long as it’s clean work.

(Andy Sanderson) #5

I am definitely interested in this! Have done a bit of basic bike maintenance, but not too much, and my bike needs work! Evenings are best after kids bedtime like 9pm…!

Thanks for offering to run this!

(Daniel Sikar) #6

+1 :+1:

(Tom Hedges) #7

What a great offer! Thanks Tom.
My old Dutch number needs a service - and I’ve been wanting to learn how to do more of that myself. I could do with learning about maintaining brakes and gears - specifically the type built into my rear wheel hub. And a dynamo to fix or replace…
Weekend daytime works for me. Or weekday evenings after 6 (bit unpredictable with work schedule)

(Nico de Jong) #8

Go for gold from the @metaltechs

(PaulY) #9

+1 I could definitely do with learning how to do gears.

(David Copple) #10


(Tom Kirkman) #11

Good to see this level of interest, we have our quota!

@dsikar @coppledt Let me know your availability and what you’d like to cover

@boldaslove just need your availability

@TomHedges Hub gears and dynamos are a bit advanced for this session, and tend to have their own servicing procedures and tools. Happy to look into this on a casual basis but might be a bit much for a group class. Unless it’s just calibration.

Some topics I thought we could cover:

  • Puncture repair
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake cable adjustment
  • Gear cable replacement
  • Brake adjustment
  • Gear adjustment
  • Gear cleaning
  • Chain / cassette replacement
  • Sizing and fitting for comfort

(Daniel Sikar) #12

24/7 availability (EDIT: minus office hours) for bike maintenance knowledge! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m happy with the topics you put forward.

(Tom Hedges) #13

Those basic topics sound good to me too! Good to build up to the hub…

(Dermot Jones) #14

Check the calendar at the top of Discourse for preexisting events: Thursdays are out as it’s Electronics Night, Wednesdays are Open Evenings – though you could run it then, but probably best to start after 8pm.

(PaulY) #15


Thanks for getting back to us so quickly.

The best time for me is probably at the weekend but I can work around you.

(Daniel Sikar) #16

Also, in line with a recent proposal by member @SarahJ in this other thread, I’d be happy to put a fiver towards @tomkirkman for the trouble.

(Tom Kirkman) #17


You’re the first group, so hopefully we can find a time that works well for us. It looks like I may run this again if it goes well, so might have to start a waiting list! I’ll sort out some logistics this weekend and propose some times (bearing in mind the other events that @Dermot pointed out).

We’ll have a little poll at the beginning of the session to decide on topics to cover, then aim to do 3-4 of them over 2hrs or so.

Not looking for monetary gain from this, but I’ll happily accept donations thrown in my toolbox! They’ll probably go towards any consumables and minor spares used in the session.

(PaulY) #18

Sounds perfect.
I’m really looking forward to it.

This is exactly the kind of skill sharing I think we need more of.

(Sarah Jones) #19

Sounds great, I’d love to come to a future session potentially with a guest too if that’s allowed.

(Tom Kirkman) #20

Hi all,

This is still going to happen, please bear with me. I have a few commitments this week and that won’t realistically work around any of the suggested times. I’ll keep you posted, hopefully with a few suggestions for slots next week. @SarahJ - you have first reserve :slight_smile: