Bike Maintenance Teaching Session

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(Martin John Finch) #21

@tomkirkman, do you fancy doing a bike maintenance session on bottom bracket/chainset etc. soon? I finally have this part of my bike dismantled completely, and need to reassemble it, so it seems like a good opportunity to use this ready-to-go “visual aid” to demonstrate how to correctly install a new bottom bracket cassette.

I now realise that you don’t leave the bottom bracket bearing cassette to rust in the frame until it needs renewal; I had to pay Herne Hill Cycles to remove mine. It took two men, a tommy bar, and a really ingenious special tool. They were very decent about it; the only comment was, “Well it was in there wasn’t it?” :wink:

(Tom Kirkman) #22

Hi all,

Firstly - sorry that this went quiet. I’ve been ill and haven’t even been able to do an induction for myself yet. I am better now and still very keen to run this, so here are some dates. The one with the most interested people will run and I’ll schedule another soon after. I am giving @SarahJ @boldaslove @dsikar @TomHedges @coppledt @asander1 @fincheee first dibs.

22/04 - 2pm - 5pm
25/04 - 7pm - 10pm
27/04 - 7pm - 10pm
12/05 - 10am - 1pm

@fincheee very happy to do this with you in a session - do you know what type of BB you’re putting back in? Internal / external? They can be like pulling Excalibur from the stone! Well done HH cycles.


(David Copple) #23

25th would be best for me, 27th could also work but definitely can’t do the 22nd. No particular problems with my bike at the moment so happy to cover whatever you/others want - just looking to learn a bit more about maintenance.

(Tom Hedges) #24

22nd best for me. Glad you’re feeling better!

(Sarah Jones) #25

Hi Tom, thank you for organising this. The 12th would work best for me but I don’t have anything particular I want to fix, just wanting to understand it all better.

(Daniel Sikar) #26

Hi Tom, for me the sooner the better, having said that, any of those dates works for me. Thanks for organising.

(Andy Sanderson) #27

27th is best for me! Thanks for coming back to us on this!!

(PaulY) #28

12/5 is only one i can make for sure.
can try to fiddle things to come to the other dates.

(Martin John Finch) #29

Bumping this topic. @tomkirkman are you still willing to lead a bike maintenance workshop? Would you like to suggest some possible dates/times if so? I would really like a session on:

  • Gear adjustment
  • Brake adjustment

In return, I can offer to share some of my recent experiences (not all good, as some of you observed) with replacing my bottom bracket bearing and chain ring. I can bring visual aids consisting of broken and destroyed parts :slight_smile:

Also we can show off our fab Parktools bike repair stand, which is wonderful - thanks pledgers!

(RobertL) #30

If @tomkirkman isn’t available, I can teach most bike maintenance.

And I’ve actually got to change my forks

(Tom Kirkman) #31

Thanks for the bump!

Finding a time for this has been problematic and putting a poll out just made it worse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think I’ll just have to commit to a time and whoever wants to come can just turn up.


I’ll bring a load of basic spares and my whole toolbox, if anybody wants to bring their tools that’d be helpful.

@RobertL - any assistance much appreciated.


(Martin John Finch) #32

Arrrgggh! That’s the one time in the next week I CAN’T come (long arranged theatre booking). Totally understand your frustration at finding the “right” time though, and I think you’ve approached it correctly - just fix a time!

Thanks for responding though.


(Tom Kirkman) #33


Oh no!

I’ll run another one very soon.

(Tom Hedges) #34

Alas, I’ll be on my way out of town on Friday evening. I look forward to the next one!

(Sarah Jones) #35

I’m going to try to come to this, thanks for organising. My bike is making a mystery noise at the moment which I should probably investigate!

(Gilbert Townshend) #36

I too am interested but can’t do such short notice. Many squeaks I can’t work out how to fix on my bikes.

(Tom Kirkman) #37

Hopefully you can make the next one!

(Tom Kirkman) #38

Look forward to meeting you!

(Tom Kirkman) #39

Cheers to those who came down on Friday at short notice! :heart:

I will do another session on Friday the 13th July, from 20:30.

I’m not going to run a waiting list, but please indicate if you will attend.

(Daniel Sikar) #40