Big CNC Permanent Install

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Hi all!

A lot of progress in the CNC area!

Big CNC is now permanently hard wired into Arch 2!

Control boxes mounted

Wires tidied and run through the wall

Still waiting on a few wire glands… but 1 of 3 are done

Waiting on the full workbench to finish they final keyboard and mouse / monitor height, but almost there!

Huge shoutout to @Dario who helped all night to make this possible!

Those working in Arch 2- please keep the area clean -and do not store anything on the CNC machine! Thanks!


I have some I keep meaning to bring in…

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It wasn’t only work :wink:


Does anyone have a spare VESA mount we can use for the monitor? we can attach it on the back and make more space on the shelf. Thx