Big CNC Permanent Install

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Hi all!

A lot of progress in the CNC area!

Big CNC is now permanently hard wired into Arch 2!

Control boxes mounted

Wires tidied and run through the wall

Still waiting on a few wire glands… but 1 of 3 are done

Waiting on the full workbench to finish they final keyboard and mouse / monitor height, but almost there!

Huge shoutout to @Dario who helped all night to make this possible!

Those working in Arch 2- please keep the area clean -and do not store anything on the CNC machine! Thanks!


I have some I keep meaning to bring in…

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It wasn’t only work :wink:


Does anyone have a spare VESA mount we can use for the monitor? we can attach it on the back and make more space on the shelf. Thx


More progress on the Big CNC!

We tested out the extraction using the Axminster dust extraction currently on the table saw:

Left everything long until we make sure we like the location of the flexi hose etc and it doesn’t get caught up.

Needed a project to test with! So new door sign for Arch 1 is coming! Will paint it and maybe also the Arch 2 sign to match… came out nice!

No dust left behind, no cleanup! Success!


Nice work, it’s looking great!

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I think I’ve got one that bolts to the table with and adjustable arm that I’m not using. Still takes up a little bit of bench space tho.


Sounds cool, ok if we try it out?


Yeah, it’s this one, just checked my order history: Invision PC Monitor Arm Ergonomic Height Assisted (Gas Powered) Full Motion Single Arm Desktop Clamp Mount for 17–27” Screens Adjustable Tilt Swivel VESA 75mm & 100mm Weight 2kg to 6.5kg (MX150)

I’ll bring it in next week.


Hi @asander1, I’ve had a wee search on Discourse but can’t find anything. Is the large CNC machine up and running? Just got a project request that will require a bigger machine than the wee laser.

If not, is there a date that we’re planning on getting it ready to go?

Apologies if I’ve missed an obvious post somewhere on here.


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Yes running 100% !

You can ask to the @cnctechs to help you. I’m not around in the next days but maybe one of us can

Thanks all, didn’t realise that the desktop cnc was a prerequisite so signed up for the induction on that. Cheers

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Yes, it is. Once you get confident with it, ask to the techs for an induction for the big one

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